I’ve had two working careers: Architecture and Writing. I prepared for Architecture at Ohio State Univ., the Frank Lloyd Wright Fellowship and at MIT, where my family and I lived in an experimental solar house, then one of only three in America. See Saturday Evening Post (9.24.49) #3-Solar-Hse_300
 #4-Bristol-Hse_300.-Ext  My architectural career has been divided between residential design
and community planning: in Colorado, the Bay Area, and at Lake Barrington Shores, a community northwest of Chicago.  #5-LBS-Clubhouse_300
#6-Art-School-Ext_300 In 1989 with Raymond Burr and I designed a Film and Dramatic Arts Complex north of Santa Rosa  Fargo what for is now called the Wells Fargo Center.
Now I’m much less involved with Architecture but I can’t give up enlarging and remodeling the house Linda and I bought twenty years ago. Fiddling with it, I find, is an incurable affliction.  #7-1734-So_300