Letters in which Rev. Clarence Thwing, missionary at Ft. Wrangel, 1892–95, discusses the troubles Presbyterians were having reconciling Tlingit spiritual views with those of Calvinism.
#9-Clam_300 The book was prepared as a Masters Thesis for a Interdisciplinary studies program at Sonoma State University (1999). Copies are archived in libraries at Harvard, Sonoma State, Princeton Seminary, University of Alaska Fairbanks and other educational institutions.
THE ABDUCTION of MISS STONE Research into the kidnapping, in 1901, of Ellen Stone, an American Missionary who had worked in Turkish Bulgaria for more than twenty years, and whose capture tested young Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy in the early weeks of his presidential office. #10-Mtn.-Clmbers_300
#11-Lyuba_300 Written while mountain climbing in the Balkans when I came across the town where this event took place. Although 73 years had passed I was able to interview two women who, as teenagers, were working with Miss Stone at the time of the kidnapping.