Short Plays

A GPS A grumpy businessman, late to a meeting, lashes out at his GPS, and pays a price for it.

ON THE BRIDGE Early morning, a man and woman, contemplating suicide, happen to meet on the Golden Gate Bridge.

#28-Senior-Theater_300 SENIOR PLAYS (Musical Reviews) Stories where seniors perform popular songs.

A WEEKEND in the COUNTRY When City Folks visit Country Folks their dog SNUFFY mysteriously disappears.

HERE COME THE BRIDES Lonely miners send for Philadelphia brides who, on their arrival, immediately start cleaning up the place.

CHRISTMAS TAKES A HOLIDAY. Two children visit all the other Holidays to find out where Christmas has gone.

 #30-Greek-Play_300 LITTLE HISTORIES
Ten minute historical plays sprinkled with Latin for Latin students: Nero, Romulus & Remus, Horatio, Hannibal and Julius Caesar.